Maykers. Where farmers do business
Maykers is a new online marketplace that makes it simple to sell, find, buy and receive professional farm products, services and knowledge.
At Maykers, we connect farmers, dealers, producers and advisors to improve the way you do business. Everything you need in one place to save you time and succeed.
Empowered by more than 100 years of agriculture experience, Maykers believes we can make farming more simple and valuable.
Opportunities for business partners
Promote your company on our platform
Sell products and services
Set up your shop and sell your products and services directly to farmers
Get into direct conversations with farmers with our chat functionality
Why become our partner?
Strengthen relationships with farmers as a global business partner
  • Build direct relations with farmers in partnership with your local distributors
  • Become more visible and accessible via digital channels
  • Improve your ecommerce capacity and profitability
  • Promote your brands and share knowledge
Strengthen relationships with farmers as a local business partner
  • Claim your position as a preferred business partner in the online world
  • Easily sell your products and services online to a large number of farmers
  • Promote your company and the brands you represent
  • Generate leads for your offline business