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Opportunities for Maykers Partners
Why become a Maykers partner?
For producers of farming products, Maykers offers:
  • An eCommerce platform to built direct relationships with farmers
  • The opportunity to continue existing dealer/distributor relationships on Maykers 
  • A large pool of farmers already doing business on Maykers
  • Tailored marketing solutions to grow engagement with your brand and products
  • Easy setup and management your own shop without direct financial investments
For resellers of farming products, Maykers offers:
  • An additional sales channel 
  • A large pool of potential customers already doing business at Maykers
  • Easy setup and managment of your own shop without direct financial investments
  • Tailored marketing solution to reach new customers and engage with existing customers
  • Omnichannel tools to integrate Maykers in the existing business channels
Stand stronger with Maykers

”Maykers is a new player in the market that will make it easier for farmers, resellers and dealers of agricultural spare parts to do business. At the same time, the opportunity to do business with the local area is highly valued, so that value is not removed from the local environment.” 

- Claus Marcussen, Grønning Smede- og Maskinforretning K/S dealership

"At Maykers our products are visible in one place online to many farmers. We had some customers who were not aware of our full range and were surprised at how broad we are. It is also possible to seek inspiration for purchases and sparring about technical products and projects via chat or by contacting our experts."

- Lene Bryde, CEO of Aco Funki

"Maykers brings all products together on one platform. Being part of Maykers brings us closer to our customer group. Through this we can generate knowledge and accessibility for our brand. I'm sure that's the future."

- Jesper Hilligsøe Paulsen, Kramp

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