Ebbers Metalworks
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0031 314 368 484
Logistiekweg 24,
Doetinchem 7007 CJ, Netherlands
Since 1967 Ebbers Metalworks BV has been producing metalware, at first in connection with the agricultural sector. Ebbers Metalworks' slogan, that they make products: "from, for and by the enduser" also stems from this period, but is still very much up to date today. The founder, Mr H.A. Ebbers, at the time was asked to make a restrainer that could prevent the cows from kicking during milking. A few years later "Metaalwarenfabriek H.A. Ebbers & Zn. BV" was established, and the company was producing around 40.000 anti kickbars a year. A lathe was bought, the now well-known drinking nipples were developed, a punching machine was bought, a tool shop was installed, the company moved and steadily expanded to the size it has today. An independent family business, sound in all respects, with an involved working ethos, which as a matter of course is propagated by the employees in all layers of the company and in which words such as process innovation, product development and personal education play an important role. Ebbers Metalworks BV sets great store by investing in education and machinery. Education for everyone involved with Ebbers Metalworks, and machinery of which the main property, high quality, goes hand in hand with quantity. However, Ebbers Metalworks invests in particular in the people that stand behind Ebbers Metalworks. The people from and around Ebbers Metalworks are our main working capital.