New Holland
Provided by Sivertsen A/S


In your fields, every day, with you.

New Holland knows that no two farms are alike, and the extensive dealer network means that local knowledge is at the heart of our dealers. Your local branch is your one stop shop for anything agricultural: need a part urgently during harvest? Want to discuss a new tractor or even book a routine service? Your dealer can offer you the solution that’s right for you. Why? Because he’s just down the road, and knows your farm just as well as you do. Our dealers know what agriculture means to you, and are committed to supporting you day after day and season after season. 

New Holland is committed to providing easily accessible agricultural solutions which make farming more productive and efficient whilst respecting the environment. That has always been our mantra, but what does it mean for you? Put simply it means increasing your farm’s productivity whilst reducing the emissions you create to achieve it. But it also means going a step further: increasing agricultural mechanisation, freeing people from the grinding drudgery of farm labour that still characterises many farms today, and skilling up the workforce whilst providing them with support to unlock the full potential of modern agricultural machinery.


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