Winterwarm Heating Solutions
Hornsyld, Denmark
Hornsyld Industrivej 5,
Hornsyld 8783, Denmark

Looking for heating in your farm?

For more than 85 years Winterwarm has focussed on 3 key philosophies: product
innovation, quality and service. This has resulted in the fact that Winterwarm is
today one of the leading manufacturers in the industrial heating market throughout
Europe. In 2008 we became active in the agricultural heating market. Since then we
have developed a whole range of different types of heaters for poultry houses and
greenhouses, mainly gas-fired (with one oil-fired model). Meanwhile we have sold
our heating systems throughout the whole world and Winterwarm has become a major
supplier of gas fired heaters for poultry sheds.

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Our partner in Denmark

In Denmark we have as a partner 'Helge Frandsen'
Helge Frandsen A / S is a financially well-founded family-owned joint stock company, founded in 1986.
The company was the first to introduce radiant heat for heating medium-sized and large buildings with gas on the Danish market. Since then, they have solved a large number of large and small heating tasks and today have extensive experience and expert knowledge in industrial heating solved with radiant heating and air heating on gas and water.

Efficient heating in the farm or greenhouse

At first sight the heating of a poultry farm with broilers or a greenhouse to grow tomatoes may look completely different but both situations have one thing in common: the  agricultural air heaters ensure an appropriate and comfortable heating solution with significant benefits for the farmer!

Poultry House Heaters

Greenhouse Heaters

Comfort and a dry climate

It’s commonly known that when chicks are comfortable, they grow best. With a Winterwarm poultry house heater you create a comfortable environment for the chicks in the poultry house. DXC and DXE gas-fired heaters are closed heating systems that create this healthy and pleasant climate.

You don’t even have to worry about the combustion gases. These poultry house heaters discharge the gases to the outside so that no moisture and CO2 enters the poultry farm. For this reason, hardly any additional ventilation air is required.


The gas-fired DXA heater is mainly used in greenhouses, although you sometimes see a greenhouse with DXC heaters. The DXA not only supplies the heat that must keep the greenhouse at the right temperature, but it also uses the CO2 and the moisture contained in the combustion gases. After all, many crops thrive in a CO2-rich environment. With the installation of DXA heaters, the grower can realize an affordable and effective heating system.