De Boer
Drachten, Netherlands
We as De Boer Drachten are specialized in agricultural products, which we have been selling for over 85 years. Together with our outstanding service we provide the best product to livestock farmers. 
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Jade 34,
Drachten 9207 GL, Netherlands

Specialized in agricultural products for over 85 years

We, De Boer Drachten, are specialized in selling agricultural products. Our company has been founded over 85 years ago. Our core values flexibility, clarity and helpfulness, are the result of many years of experience in working as an agricultural specialist. Because we have been active for years, we feel the farmers' appreciation in the Netherlands as well as in the rest of Europe when it comes to our core values.

Our family business is mainly active online, in addition we also have a store in the Netherlands, in Drachten. Quality is very important to us in our online and offline service. With more than 80 employees, we offer the best service for farmers in Europe. Providing high quality service and our wide range of agricultural products makes us the best supplier for farmers.