WD-40 Specialist Silicone Lubricant 400ml
Brand WD-40
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Smart straw
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Product description
A High-Performance Silicone spray lubricant which is great for use on high-pressure equipment. It displaces moisture and provides excellent lubrication, protecting and extending the life of your tools and equipment. As the spray is silicone-based, it’s perfect for using on rubber parts like pipes, window seals, plumbing fittings and belts. You can even use it on metal, plastic and wood, without it leaving a stain. As well as protecting your tools and machines from rust, our Silicone Lubricant will repel dust, dirt, oil and grime. This is useful against dirt build-up that can create damaging residues. With just a coat of  Silicone Lubricant, you can be sure that things will stay clean and conditioned, and functioning smoother for longer. WD-40 works in challenging conditions, so our lubricant will perform in most types of weather, and all-year round. It’s designed to keep working in temperatures ranging from -35°C to +200°C.

A technical spray from the specialist line of the WD-40® brand. This special silicone spray is perfect for use as a lubricant or protective agent for plastic and rubber parts. It prevents ageing and cracking of rubbers and plastics, is water, dirt, and heat resistant, and offers long-lasting lubrication.
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