Marina CAM 40/22 domestic waterworks, 230v, 1", 60 l/min lifting height 28 metres, cast iron housing, 22 l tank

Brand Folke-Larsen


Electric pump
Weight [kg]
Cast iron
Product description
Domestic waterworks with self-priming pump. Can suction down to a depth of 8 metres. It is very quiet and reliable. Especially useful for pressurising a water system, pumping water from e.g. a well, lake or tank and supplying water for domestic use, garden irrigation etc. Fully automatic operation. This means that the pump starts/stops automatically when you switch the water on/off.

Max. litres per minute: 60 ltr/min Tank size: 22 litres Max. suction depth in metres: 8 m Tank material: Steel Waterworks pressure: 1.4 - 2.8 bar Inlet: 1 " ig Outlet: 1 " ig Protection: IP44 Water temperature: 35 gr.c Max. lifting height: 28,0 mtr Pump housing material: Cast iron Length: 542 mm Type: 230 v Height: 480 mm Weight: 16 kg Motor size: 800 w
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