InPig PCA Catheter 500pcs single packed
Brand Unitron
Pieces in package
Foam pipette
Product description
In recent years, in particular, a certain insemination method has gained traction. It is a post-cervical insemination, or as it is called deep insemination. Contrary to traditional insemination where the catheter tip is locked in the cervix, deep insemination takes the semen past the end of the cervix directly into the uterus. It provides a number of potential benefits time saved with one insemination, smaller semen dose, less critical stimulation at point of service, but it also requires a very safe catheter of the highest quality. Unitron a/s has been developing what we believe is the ideal catheter for deep insemination. We call it Unitron Deep InPig. Unitron Deep InPig is equipped with a locking tip for the inner catheter. This means that the inner catheter is kept securely in place during insemination. Unitron Deep InPig is 5 cm longer than traditional catheters, which, in conjunction with deep insemination, makes it safer to inseminate the sow. Additionally, the entire catheter is fed into the sow at once. In this way, the tip remains sterile and the risk of damaging the inner lining of the uterus and contamination of the sperm is minimized. Single packed.
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