Fence post Wood 180cm x Ø100mm Octo Wood

Brand Octo Wood


Type fencing
Permanent fencing
Total height [cm]
Diameter [mm]
Width [mm]
Product description
The post is made of slowly-growing Swedish pine. Squared tip with rounded top. The post has octagonal shape for easy handling and mounting. 20 years guarantee from rot. Easy mounting of insulators, threads etc. Unique design, which fits the nature. The posts are being creosoted with chrom-free and arsenic-free agent of class A from Nordic Tree protection council and therefore is approved for craftsmen. Fulfills penetration class P8, SS-EN 351-1 (full penetration from the core). Pressure creosoted with at least 18 kg/m³. The tree's age by fell is 50-70 years. Has high ultimate stress. Stays firmly in the ground. There is a spacing piece between each layer of posts on the pallet.

Octo Wood® fence posts are made from slow-growing Swedish pressure-treated pine. The post is ideal for animal fences, deer fences, garden fences and more. Octo Wood® posts are of the highest quality and are NTR-A impregnated. There is a 20-year expiring warranty, guaranteeing Octo Wood® durability and function from the date of purchase.
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