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Simplifying farmers’ lives connects farmers with global and local suppliers. Our aim is to make it simple to find, select and buy professional farm products and services. Every month, we add new suppliers and products to save you time and offer you the best deal.
Why use Maykers?
Everything in one place
We offer a wide range of products and services from multiple suppliers to save you time. Our marketplace allows you to buy everything you need via one website.
The best deals
We make it simple to find, select and compare offers based on the quality of products, fair prices, delivery options and service levels to get you the best deal. We will also update you when our sellers have a unique promotional discount.
Direct access to multiple suppliers
We make it easy to contact global and local suppliers with our online chat feature. You can ask questions, start a conversation and get the right information and advice about their offers.
Simple and safe to order
We support the most popular and secured payment methods, including invoice pay. The seller will be paid for the order after the delivery of your parcel to minimize risk.
Gain access to a big network of sellers and brands
We save you time for doing business
Facts and figures
"Maykers' concept is something we need in Danish agriculture. Today, we have to go to multiple shops, instead of being able to buy everything in one place."
Mathias T. Mørup
Owner of Gårdejer Christen Hessellund Mørup
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