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Are you looking for high-performance and high-quality drive shafts, Tractor-Attachment-Systems, hitch systems or overload clutches? Walterscheid is exactly the right place for you!

The name Walterscheid is synonymous with more than 100 years of success: the "yellow PTO shaft" with the Walterscheid rhombus is the company's trademark and a warrantor for reliable quality.

Our innovative products are developed in constant dialogue with agricultural practice and offer the highest level of reliability, performance and durability – so that you can make the most of the productivity and functionality of your agricultural machinery

You can find out more about the history of Walterscheid below.

Walterscheid: Innovation by Tradition

In 1919, Jean Walterscheid founded a company in Lohmar, North Rhine-Westphalia, to produce sprockets for bicycles. The small business developed rapidly; by 1934, Walterscheid was already producing axles and axle shafts for all kinds of vehicles. After the war, the company specialised in the repair of agricultural machinery.

The repair works revealed the weaknesses of drive shafts without drive shaft protection and overload protection which were produced by manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Jean Walterscheid recognised the potential and started developing his own PTO shafts. Special focus was placed on innovative concepts – such as the world's first PTO shaft guard – as well as the highest quality. Walterscheid PTO shafts – the unmistakable "yellow PTO shafts" – and the corresponding protection concepts have been real trendsetters ever since. Whether Power-Drive, single or double-sided wide-angle joints or Ecoline – anyone looking for a reliable partner and innovative technology in the field of PTO shafts can be sure to find what they are looking for at Walterscheid.

In the course of the following decades, a wide range of further innovations were added, including the double clutch in 1963, the 70-degree wide-angle joint in 1966, the Walterscheid Coupling System (WKS) in 1974, the Tractor-Attachment-System (TAS) in 1986, the Power-Drive as a third-generation PTO shaft in 1997, the Integrated Continuously Variable Drive ICVD in 2003 or the hydraulic top link with shock absorber in 2017. Walterscheid's excellent reputation is based on innovation and quality.

Walterscheid Inside!

Do you believe in sustainability and quality? Simply look for "Walterscheid Inside!" when investing in new machinery and ordering or purchasing spare parts.

When it comes to agricultural technology, we are real insiders: It is not without reason that Walterscheid technology can be found in the agricultural machinery of all well-known manufacturers. We use our tried-and-tested components to develop Tractor-Attachment-Systems or complete drive systems in which, for example, drive shafts, overload protection devices and gearboxes form an integrated overall concept.

Our technology is optimally tailored to the various fields of application. That is why Walterscheid Inside offers guaranteed strong performance, long service life and absolute reliability. Make sure and choose Walterscheid Inside – not only when investing in new machines, but also when replacing components.

Only original Walterscheid components and spare parts – to be recognised by the Walterscheid quality rhombus – ensure and maintain the long-term performance and service life of the entire system.

Power. Passion. Innovations

For decades, Walterscheid has been synonymous with innovative, high-quality drive shafts that offer maximum reliability, performance and service life. Sustainable development is the guiding principle for our innovations.

We are committed to sustainable development. Efficiency, environmental compatibility and safe, user-friendly products are of great importance to us. Visions give rise to ideas, and ideas give rise to agricultural innovations – which can be used to further increase the productivity and functionality of your agricultural machinery. 

Instead of short-term trends and quick economic successes, we focus on strategies and concepts that are sustainable – and on responsible handling of the resources entrusted to us, our employees, customers and business partners. This cooperation forms the basis for the proverbial Walterscheid quality in development, production and service day after day. 

Find the right technical solutions and products here. If you have any further questions or need advice, please use the contact form. 

And now enjoy our Walterscheid Shop!

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