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For Future Productivity

Sprayfo is the performance leader of calf milk replacers chosen by dairy farmers looking for the best life’s start to sustain their business in the most convenient way. 

Solid basis for your calves’ future productivity

Sprayfo gives calves the best possible basis. With excellent calf milk, sophisticated feeding plans, and advice on all aspects of the rearing process, Sprayfo lays a solid basis for your calves’ future productivity. Thanks to our balanced portfolio, you will always find a solution to match your specific needs. 

Top-quality and innovative young animal feed

Sprayfo is a brand of Trouw Nutrition. We have played a leading role since 1958 in developing and supplying top-quality and innovative young animal feed. We create effective solutions for rearing management, enabling cattle farmers to improve their farm profitability and sustainability.

Successful calf rearing

With Sprayfo, dairy farmers achieve successful calf rearing because of its trusted recipe, containing the goodness of milk. The basis of Sprayfo consists of fresh, liquid dairy raw materials and fats that meet a very high quality standard. These raw materials are processed daily with the unique spray-drying  technology into milk powder with very small fat globules similar to the fat particle size of cow's milk. The spray-drying technique enables us to stabilize dairy ingredients and combine  them with highly digestible vegetable components in easily dissolvable individual particles. This produces unique milk replacers offering you and your calves great benefits. The result? Optimal calf health and growth.

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