Provided by Kramp Danmark

Light for a better world

Osram seeks to sell light that contributes to a better world. To support them in this, they have the following mission: OSRAM uses the opportunities presented by light to improve people’s lives. OSRAM’s activities and products generally fall into three groups: automotive, opto semiconductors and digital. Through its innovative lighting, OSRAM seeks to improve quality of life.


Using the limitless opportunities of light to improve life

OSRAM, based in Germany, is an international company with a history stretching back more than 110 years. Its products are used in a variety applications, from Virtual Reality and vehicle lighting to smart lighting solutions for buildings and cities. OSRAM is helping to solve today’s problems. Its products and services help customers to see more clearly, communicate more effectively, move better, work better and live better, today and tomorrow. The OSRAM Group’s main brand is OSRAM, one of the world’s leading brands in the lighting industry. Over the years, OSRAM has expanded its product range with the addition of other brands.

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