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Knowledge Feeds Success

NutriOpt is a precision feeding system that links you to the latest nutrition knowledge from Trouw Nutrition’s advanced research centres. It precisely optimises animal nutrition, connecting you with the relevant technical and economic data in real time, and so helps you to increase your profitability, simplify your decisions and minimise your risk. 

What are solutions for the different type of farmers

NutriOpt enables customers to optimize both feed costs and production results to maximize financial benefits in the value chain. It consists of key elements that complement and support one another in optimizing animal nutrition, performance and associated costs through precise real-time analysis, modelling and calculation. 

Description of the service

NutriOpt is a modular precision-feeding system made up of proven components that offer the latest nutritional science data and technology. When used together, these components make it possible to fine-tune your feeding strategy with high accuracy. They precisely calculate the most economically efficient approach under current market conditions that will give you the optimal results you want. 

The NutriOpt On-site Adviser allows you to perform accurate ingredient analyses and provides instant results reporting to your smartphone, without samples leaving the site. It combines an innovative handheld scanner with an insightful mobile application to provide you mobile access to NutriOpt and its comprehensive nutritional database and reporting.