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Total piglet performance

Milkiwean provides total piglet performance. Through innovation and on-farm experience, Milkiwean has developed tailored feeding programmes to boost feed intake during pre- and post-weaning. With the right feeding programme and on-farm support, Milkiwean can fulfil the needs of each farmer helping to achieve optimal piglet performance. 

Targeted solutions for every farmer

Milkiwean feeding programmes offer targeted solutions for every farmer. Milkiwean focuses on quality, and a unique, dedicated production process supports a high feed intake and excellent piglet performance. Based on your breeding goals, we offer specific product combinations in the form of our feeding schedules. This gives the most effective result.

Comprehensive piglet feed programme

Milkiwean is focused on highest return to boost early-life piglet performance. With specialists across the globe running piglet feeding and health studies for us, we are able to continue to be a leading player on the cutting edge of our industry. And finally, we have a unique production process that ensures quality and higher feed intake, empowering pig farmers to achieve outstanding growth results. Our comprehensive piglet feed programme offers a targeted solution for every pig farmer.

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