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Life start sets life performance

During the critical window of opportunity at the start of life, only LifeStart offers the science, solutions and applications to unleash the full potential of dairy cows.

Unlock the full potential of young animals

LifeStart, Trouw Nutrition’s scientific platform, has demonstrated that investing in the early life timeframe of the animal, including pre-parturition period, has profound and long-lasting effects on the animal’s potential and life-long performance, promotes sustainable farming, and helps to achieve the highest farm financial results possible. (349 characters)

LifeStart | Ruminants

LifeStart targets high average daily gain (ADG) and high weight at weaning.

Trouw Nutrition continues to help producers invest in future performance through optimized nutrition of young calves in the early stages of their life, which has a significant impact on future productivity. Trouw Nutrition communicates this through the concept "Life Start Sets Life Performance." Providing young animals with significantly higher levels of milk replacer and additional feed than conventional diets leads to healthier animals and faster growth, resulting in more sustainable producing dairy cows.

LifeStart | Swine

Early quality nutrition equals higher growth.

The Trouw Nutrition LifeStart concept explains how nutritional influences during this timeframe have profound and long-lasting effects as the metabolic system can be 'reprogrammed' during this time-frame to get closer to its genetic potential, or even stimulated to achieve higher potential. To achieve optimal pig performance, it is crucial to prepare a piglet's intestine for feed digestion as early as possible.

LifeStart brings together world-class expertise on animal health and nutrition with practical farm management experience.

Currently focusing on piglet rearing, LifeStart has helped to define a proven methodology for rearing healthier and better performing piglets. The added value of Trouw Nutrition on the LifeStart programme focuses on the health and performance of piglets via a feeding plan; utilising high quality nutrition. This programme has the potential to help the global swine industry take a quantum leap forward, reducing the need for reactive animal health interventions.