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Klingspor: more than 125 years of experience and development

Since it was founded, Klingspor has actively contributed to the technological progress and development in the field of grinding machines. Klingspor products are used for fine grinding surfaces, edges, and sides and include, among others, sanding discs, sandpaper, cutting discs, polishing material, and other products. Klingspor puts a lot of focus on trust, quality, specialized knowledge, people, and engagement. For this reason, these values are the basis of our working method and our cooperation with customers, suppliers, and each other.

About Klingspor

Strong. Global. 

Klingspor was founded in Germany in 1893 as a glue manufacturer. Today, the company has grown to an international corporation that markets technical products for surface treatment and treatment of substrates as well as cutting and polishing discs with abrasives. Klingspor is a global actor with a total of 36 subsidiaries. The company employs 3,000 people across all continents.

Along with other manufacturers of abrasives and tools are Klingspor a member and co-founder of OSA (Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives). The members of the organization, and thus also Klingspor, focus on quality, safety, environment, control, and traceability.

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