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Kersia offers farmers a global method that respects good practice and optimizes the profitability of the farm

This method is based on efficient and innovative solutions that secure all points of rearing or hygiene that play an important role. Kersia works with you to support your herd and maximize the safety level in term of hygiene.  


Complementary feed

The complementary feed range aims for a constant improvement in the performance of livestock. Dietetic solutions and complementary feed cover the full life cycle of the animal:

  • Calves support

Food safety in the farm starts with healthy calves. Essential for the future of the herd, the birth and growth of calves are key steps that has to be optimizes. To support farmers in their daily life, Kersia offers a range of dedicated solutions that have been designed for calves, in order to bring them all the key elements needed from their birth until the weaning.

  • Boluses

Support given to dairy cattle provides them with all the nutrients they require for a safety milk production. Dietetic complement solutions offered by Kersia support the cow throughout its physiological cycle, providing specific nutrients that support the cow around calving and during lactation. Kersia’s objectives is to prevent metabolic diseases at the key point of the dairy cycle.



Any farm hygiene management strategy needs to pay particular attention to the animals themselves. The locomotion of dairy cows can impact negatively on profitability of each producing cows (decrease of feed intake and of water consumption). To avoid this, Kersia offers disinfecting and hygiene solutions to improve the quality and integrity of hooves. Different means for applying these solutions are offered in an effort to best respond to your constraints: foot bath or spray.

Udder Care

Food safety starts in the milking parlour. Kersia products for hygiene before and after milking are designed to meet the requirements of farmers and food industry. They are efficient, simple to use and comply with regulatory requirements for hygiene and disinfection.

  • Before milking

There is a risk of pathogens contaminating milk from a lack of hygiene prior to milking. Cleaning/disinfecting the udder/teats prior to milking is fast and avoids production losses associated with contamination problems. Good hygiene prior to milking offers the following benefits:

o   Reduction in milking time of between 10% and 20%

o   Decrease of total bacterial count, so a better milk quality

o   Contribute to the program of reduction of the risk of mastitis and other sanitary problems with the udder 

  •  After milking

After milking, germs can enter the teat canals, which remain open for at least half an hour, and this poses a risk of udder infection. This type of infection results in significant financial losses, which could be avoided, every year. To prevent this and ensure optimal production, Kersia products deliver improvements in the two following areas:

o   The teats’ condition thanks to their cosmetic strength

o   The teats’ protection thanks to their disinfection action

The full range of Kersia post-milking products acts like a prevention in our global herd management.

  • Before and after milking

Kersia wants to prevent the impact of poor milking hygiene method. The aim is to avoid contamination by the environment of the udder and cross contamination during milking. Our program provides disinfection at each step, including before and after milking. Before milking hygiene allow to clean and disinfect teats, to avoid germs contamination and to stimulate milk production. After milking hygiene is needed to protect teats. Our products eliminate germs on the teat skin and prevent penetration of bacteria before sphincters are closed. Thanks to their moisturizing and emollient action, teats skin is also protected.

Cleaning & disinfection

Disinfection is an action that allows the elimination of pathogenic micro-organisms. Cleaning is required prior to disinfecting, and the quality of this cleaning will affect the efficiency of disinfecting. Kersia offers a suitable combination of detergents and disinfectants together.

  • Stable and surfaces

Cleaning and disinfecting buildings holding livestock is an important means for controlling infectious diseases. These measures contribute to reducing the level of microbes in the environment the animals live in.

  • Milking machine

Kersia offers a full range of high-performance products to clean and disinfect milking equipment. Our solutions prevent deposits and leave equipment perfectly clean, whatever the water pH. They are economical, nonaggressive for the material, and provide very good bacteriological results. This is a key point for dairy farming. Kersia recommends simple and efficient methods, ensuring cleanliness while also disinfecting in between milking and during milking. We recommend the disinfection of clusters between each cow to minimize cross contaminations during milking.

  • Cloths cleaning and disinfection

The cleaning cloths have to be cleaned and disinfected to avoid contamination during the udder cleaning phase. Kersia recommends simple and efficient methods, ensuring cleanliness while also disinfecting.

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