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Brand story

The roots of our family business are animal husbandry, and it is our constant quest to find new and even better solutions for our customers.
Our extensive range of high quality products is constantly being tested in the field and developed further to facilitate the daily work of farmers, breeders and animal lovers.

The Kerbl brand stands for a wide range of accessories for livestock breeding and husbandry in the areas of livestock, horse and rider supplies, electric fence, work and safety, hobby farming and pet supplies, which is efficient and constantly adapted to current trends throughout Europe. It all began in 1962 on a farm in Felizenzell. The father of company founder Albert Kerbl, Isidor Kerbl, was a specialist in difficult calf births. His tool: an HK obstetrician. This tool was the cornerstone of our Kerbl product range. In Kerbl products, we combine many years of tradition and practical experience with the latest technical possibilities for a balanced price-performance ratio.


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