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Lighting expertise

Jokon’s modern lighting gives vehicles a clearly defined and innovative character. In addition to this, the product’s perfect quality and functionality secure optimal safety on the road. Jokon’s skilled teams develop the products according to the customer’s needs through the use of the most modern support systems. Jokon has met the high standards in the international automotive industry for many years: The company is a flexible and reliable partner – from the original idea to the development, manufacturing, and delivery of spare parts. Jokon’s lighting is used, among others, on agricultural machinery, construction machinery, forklifts, and trailers

About Jokon

High quality and innovative lighting for vehicles

Johann & Konen was founded in August 1948 in Wuppertal in Germany. Originally the production was limited to the automotive accessories industry. In 1951 Jokon also began producing lighting fixtures and reflectors. In September 2013 the name Johann & Konen GmbH & Co. KG was changed to Jokon GmbH. Today, Jokon operates in three countries, Germany, France, and England. These locations show Jokon’s international approach.

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