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Livestock products that are fit for purpose.

Livestock farmers are passionate people. They care about their animals and love what they do. Their work is always carried out with respect for their animals and for the environment. Farma provides a combination of product performance, durability and attractive prices. This approach offers the livestock market value for money, with affordable products which are fit for purpose. 


Product categories 

  • Animal husbandry (veterinary equipment, animal care, milking technology and pest control) 


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  • Feeding and drinking products and technology (buckets, scoops, feeders and drinkers) 


  • Stable equipment (bindings and chains, fans, clamps etc) 


  • Fencing (energizers, conductors, insulators, gate solutions etc).

Unique buying reasons:

› A wide range of essentials for livestock care
› Durability of manufacture, for a long service life
› Attractive prices, to minimise costs