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Quality equipment for vehicles

COBO develops, manufactures, and supplies equipment for vehicles, including lighting. The COBO assortment is not only known for the quality and the price of the products but also for the great selection of product which the company offers. It is the goal of the COBO Group to offer global solutions, including solutions for logistics and organizational aspects. The mission of the COBO Groups is to become a global market leader within design, development, and delivery of solutions and integrated systems for the market for off-road vehicles.

About COBO

COBO: When quality is crucial

COBO was founded in 1949. The company originated from the ideas and willpower of two electricians. Today COBO Group is active all over the world. Right from the beginning, the company has been able to create innovative products that have made it possible for COBO to continue its development. Every year the corporation invests a significant amount into research and development, aided by the latest technologies. COBO provides, among others, products for agricultural and tillage machinery.

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