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Cat phones is a market-leading rugged smartphone and feature phone vendor, with a range of tough, fit-for-purpose products suited to a wide range of industrial and recreational contexts. Mass market mobile devices are often fragile and susceptible to damage that can be high inconvenient and expensive to repair. Cat phones boast a build quality and impressive set of warranty-backed rugged credentials that give customers confidence in their robustness and reliability. Cat phones is the Mobile Industry Awards ‘Ruggedised Manufacturer of the Year’ 2020.

Leading rugged credentials

  • Military spec hardware: every Cat phone is tested to US military standard MIL-SPEC 810H.* That means they’re tested in high and low temperature extremes, and with tumble and vibrations tests, thermal shock tests, and in salt mist conditions.  
  • Fully dust, dirt and waterproof: all Cat phones exceed the IP68 ingress protection standard, with the smartphone range exceeding IP69. They can be fully submerged in fresh or salt water for and extended period of time.
  • Rigorous drop testing: Cat phones are built to survive drop testing on steel and concrete, multiple times on every side and corner, from 1.8 metres.
  • Screen protection: Each smartphone in the range boasts thick, toughened Corning® Gorilla® Glass, that is engineered to resist scratches and breaks. They are also protected by rigid structures to avoid flexing that can crack displays, and are recessed below a protective ridge that surrounds the display. Factory-fitted screen protectors provide a literal extra layer of protection.
  • Hygiene: Cat phones can all be regularly washed with soap and water, cleaned with alcohol wipes, or sanitised with disinfectants.

*Some older devices in the range are tested to MIL-SPEC 810G.

Thermal imaging

Cat phones introduced the world’s first smartphone with an integrated thermal imaging camera in 2016 – the Cat S60. Today, the third generation S60 series product – the Cat S62 Pro – offers the highest quality, highest resolution mobile thermal imaging camera, powered by FLIR System’s Lepton 3.5 sensor, bulit in to a tough rugged smartphone. With sharp and clear thermal images, tools that blend scene details from the visual camera to add clarity and context, and many new temperature measurement and image analysis tools, the Cat S62 Pro is unrivalled in terms of versatility and utility.

Pocket-friendly design

Contrary to widely-held perceptions of rugged device designs as big, heavy, and bulky, the modern Cat phones range is thinner, lighter and sleeker than their predecessors, and many competitors’ products. The Cat S52 in-particular, at just 9.69mm thin, is the thinnest truly rugged smartphone on the market today.

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