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Vital top-quality piglets, maximum profitability

Vital and high-performance piglets require a smart, comprehensive approach. An effective feed strategy is crucial in increasing farm profitability, especially now that the pig industry is facing ever-greater challenges. Trouw Nutrition has developed BigVitaal to support you. 

Solutions for the different type of farmers

Trouw Nutrition’s tried-and-best-tested BigVitaal comprehensive approach, consisting of specific Milkiwean feeds together with tailored feeding schemes, in combination with water hygiene treatment. This combination guarantees optimum performance, with your piglets growing faster, improving feed consumption and retaining their vitality and health.

Description of the concept

BigVitaal is an innovative, tried-and-best-tested, comprehensive approach for the development of more vital and top-quality piglets. This approach makes an active, effective contribution towards profitable piglet rearing, without using antibiotics and high doses of zinc. 

Bigvitaal ranked 1st in the test

In 2018, the BigVitaal feed approach was extensively tested by the renowned Danish Pig Research Centre SEGES. Various feed concepts without high doses of zinc were tested on weaned piglets and BigVitaal scored the best results. 

Benefits of BigVitaal

  • Maximum returns with more vital and top-quality piglets.
  • Active reduction of antibiotics/high zinc doses
  • Increased convenience and fun in work
  • Improved piglet health in the pig farming industry


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