Uffe Odgaard - Hobby farmer for 12 years

25 October 2021

46-year-old Uffe Odgaard runs his parents' farm on Mors as a hobby farm alongside his full-time job at Skov A/S. The hobby farmer is a qualified tractor mechanic and makes a point of repairing everything himself on his small farm near Karby. This also means that many materials have to be ordered for the workshop, and this is easiest to do online.

Workshop and hobby farming
Agriculture in the blood

46-year-old Uffe Odgaard runs a hobby farm, which is his parents' old dairy farm where he grew up. In 2009, he took over the property, leased out the land and turned the barn into an activity center. Now he only has a slightly Dexter beef cattle grazing in the area.

Uffe Odgaard originally trained as a tractor farm mechanic and has his hands firmly screwed on when it comes to repairing his machines or fixing small things on the farm. He trades with his local dealer Ingemann Larsen, where he can pick up the goods after work and also save money through Maykers.

Leasing and open spaces

"It was always my plan to take over the farm. When you're born in the country with wide open spaces, it's hard to let go, but my plan has always been to have it as a hobby farm alongside my full-time job as Manager R&D Mechanics & Test center at Skov A/S," says Uffe Odgaard about his work on the farm.

Uffe has found a good balance between shopping online and at the same time shopping locally by dealing with his local dealer Ingemann Larsen via Maykers. This allows him to pick up the goods at Ingemann Larsen after work and at the same time save the cost of shipping through Maykers.

Workshop and spare parts
The joy of shopping online

As a machine mechanic, the hunt for spare parts is always on, and with Maykers, Uffe can take matters into his own hands instead of waiting to visit his local dealer. "I do a lot more myself than the average farmer, because I repair things myself and don't send anything to a workshop. That's why I use a lot of Maykers to buy my own spare parts," Uffe Odgaard says eagerly. 

"I have a technical background through my training as a machine mechanic, and I usually say that my shopping gene for tools and machines is much higher than women's shopping gene for clothes." 

Freedom in the countryside

"It's the freedom of doing it myself and not depending on others that attracts me out here. I find it interesting that I can do everything myself on my farm, and I get to be out in nature and experience wildlife in a completely different way. Like when I mow the grass and see the buzzard fly down and catch mice. I wouldn't have experienced that if I lived in a semi-detached house in the city."

Uffe Odgaard took over the farm in 2009 when it became too much for his mother to run the farm herself, as she had done ever since Uffe Odgaard's father died when Uffe was 13 years old.

The benefits of ordering online

With a large workshop to repair anything that might break down on Uffe Odgaard's farm, many small items, spare parts and tools are needed to get the job done. Uffe Odgaard buys the goods at Maykers, because he can find everything there and do his shopping at any time of the day or night.

* Decide when you shop

* Gather everything you need on one platform

* Get a better overview of products on the market

* Decide who you shop with 

Online trading means more time in the workshop
Shopping locally and digitally

"I use shopping at Maykers as part of my long-term planning. For example, it's supplies for the workshop and spare parts. I'm happy that I can sit down and find my goods myself when I have time at home, and then there's also competition in finding the place where I can get it best and cheapest," says Uffe Odgaard.

"I like to shop around and look at my purchases at my leisure, and I can do that by shopping digitally, and I still support Ingemann Larsen by buying it from them."

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