Udder hygiene in milking robots: improve your milk quality and prevent infections

30 August 2021

As in conventional milking parlour, taking care of the udder before and after milking requires a good milking hygiene method and quality products. In robots there is no manual check of the udder by a human, that’s why limiting dirty cows and controlling the environment is essential for milking robots. Taking care of the teats and brushes before and after milking is key to become more profitable.  

Efficient teat preparation and robot cleaning reduces infection and increases milking time

Before milking, teats need to be cleaned, or disinfected, to reduce milk contamination by pathogens. This cleaning also stimulates milk production, thanks to brush or cleaning cup action. It allows to reduce milking time from 10 to 20%. And it’s also useful to evaluate the udder health: first jets are screened by the robots to identify change of milk composition in comparison with previous milking. The brushes, cleaning cup and even clusters need to be cleaned and disinfected between each cow because they are the largest critical point for cross-contamination.

For cleaning the brushes, cleaning cup and clusters you can use PERFO GRIF. This Kersia product, based on peracetic acid, provides a quick disinfection of the material.

Effective teat aftercare with milking robots prevents contamination

After milking the teats need disinfection to limit germs on the teat skin and to prevent penetration of bacteria before the sphincters are closed. Cows are very sensitive to infection after milking, so it’s important to prevent contamination by environmental germs between milking periods.

In addition, teat’s skin is highly sensitive due to the pressure sustained during milking, especially with the robot system where a cow can be milked from 2.5 to 2.7 times a day on average. So, having skin care components in the post milking product, for moisturizing and protection, is primordial.

Hypred quick spray disinfects and protects cows using milking robots

Kersia has a specific product HYPRED QUICK SPRAY, suitable for milking robots and conventional milking machines.

This product will be mainly used after milking in robots, but the formula can also be used before milking, for the cleaning and disinfection. It is based on LSA ®, a very powerful active disinfectant and cosmetic complex, with Lactic acid and Salicylic acid, effective on germs causing mastitis. Additionally, it has a good cosmetic action, thanks to Lactic acid which is a natural cosmetic molecule with softening action. The product is also reinforced by moisturizing agents:propylene glycol and glycerol.

Check more Kersia products or chat directly with our milking hygiene experts for more information.

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