Ornestation Mors launches strategic partnership with Maykers
29 November 2022

The northwest Jutland company Ornestation Mors is taking an important step in the development of their digital strategy through a new collaboration with online marketplace, Maykers. New and existing customers will be able to find the company's products on Maykers as early as 2023.

With more than 45 years of experience in semen production, Ornestation Mors has considerable knowledge relating to products and services for the agricultural industry. With a wide range of products for stables, fields, workshops, offices and leisure activities, the company hopes that the collaboration with Maykers will create greater accessibility for different customer segments when they launch on the platform in 2023.

"We have many different high-quality products for all farmers, and taking our digitization strategy into account, we see great potential in being able to add our range to an online marketplace like Maykers," says Johnny Markussen, director at Ornestation Mors.

The aim is to create an easy and smooth buying experience for both new and existing customers, and the team at fast-growing online marketplace Maykers is thrilled about the collaboration.

"We are proud to welcome one of the strongest and most trusted suppliers for the agricultural industry in Denmark. Their great expertise and assortment give farmers at Maykers even more to look forward to," adds Jesper Knudsen from Maykers Denmark.

Products from the company can be found on Maykers from early 2023, and the sale of semen via the online marketplace will also be explored in the near future.

“We know that our range of more than 5 000 products is relevant for all types of farmers. Together, we must improve our digital presence, strengthen relations with our customers in agriculture, and explore the possibilities for online trading of our large product range," says Johnny Markussen from Ornestation Mors.

"The new large warehouse we are currently building will also help us facilitate all the additional orders we expect to attract via Maykers, and otherwise Jesper Knudsen has promised to pay the additional costs for the building out of his own pocket," the director adds with a smile.

With 80 permanent employees, 20 part-time employees, 14 vans and as many as 1 700 active boars in stables, the company delivers right across Denmark and also exports to several countries in Europe as well as Thailand. The family-owned business operates more than 500 ha of agricultural land with mainly barley, wheat and rapeseed, and has its own machinery to maintain and operate the land. 

"It is an exciting collaboration that we are very much looking forward to," concludes Johnny Markussen.

At Agromek, there will be an opportunity to take photos and ask further questions about the collaboration when Maykers and Ornestation Mors exchange a handshake at Maykers' stand H6130 on Tuesday 28 November at 15:00. Media are welcome for a chat and refreshments.

If you need more information or have any questions, please reach out to:

Director, Ornestation Mors, Johnny Markussen / johnny@ornestationmors.dk / +45 21 66 97 37

Maykers, Jesper Knudsen / jesper.knudsen@maykers.com / +45 23 68 74 20 

Images and video: https://bit.ly/OrnestationMors-Maykers-presskit 

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