Meet Stieneke Ijdema
26 October 2021
Dairy farmer with focus on welfare

Dairy farmer Stieneke Ijdema moved to Denmark six years ago with her family to develop their milk production in a direction that was not possible in her home country, the Netherlands. Now the family runs a healthy production, where a trade in Maykers helps free up time to focus on what is important in everyday life - the performance of the cows and the satisfaction of the employees.

The best conditions for milk production

Dutch Stieneke Ijdema and her husband, Boudewijn, moved to Denmark from the Netherlands six years ago with their four children. They wanted to expand their milk production, which was not possible in their home country. The family looked for alternative countries to move to, including - the US, Germany, Canada and Denmark, but Denmark felt like the right fit. 

"We wanted to expand our farm with more management and work with people as well as animals, and in Denmark we found the best conditions for growth."

600 cows and 9 milking robots
Focus on animal welfare

Stieneke Ijdema works with the dairy cows through the Cow Signals method, where she reads the cows' signals to optimise health, welfare, nutrition and performance. The Ijdema couple run a cow farm near Kjellerup ( for young cows) together with a property in Hauge. In total, they have 600 cows with milking robots and cultivate 300 hectares of pasture.

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Health, nutrition and performance

"The best thing about being a farmer is that I can work with animals and people. Animals are the most fun to work with, especially if you can speak the language, they tell you so many things. It's pure freedom." 

Shopping can be done digitally
Love for production 

Stieneke Ijdema and her husband have been self-employed farmers since they were 20 years old. Back then, they started with 110 cows, and even then they felt they needed more.

"It's in our blood to work with dairy cattle, and these are the livestock we feel most comfortable with. None of us has ever been interested in driving a tractor, we just have to work with our animals," says Stieneke Ijdema.

The farm, the cows and the staff are where Stieneke Ijdema focuses her energy. That's why all other work has to be as easy and quick to do as possible. This includes purchasing standard goods for the farm, which are bought digitally on Maykers. 

New digital handshake
Efficiency and freedom

"I don't have the time or inclination to go and visit a dealer. I'd rather be with the animals and do my office work. So if I can do my business online, my everyday life is much more efficient. The Maykers platform provides a quick overview of what you need as a dairy farmer. That way I don't have to search 5-6 websites. I save time because Maykers has already done some of the work for me," says Stieneke and continues: 

"That way I can choose whether I want the product with the fastest delivery, best price or at a local dealer."

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Farmer for 10 years - Maykers since 2020
Generational change and efficiency

28-year-old Mathias Mørup works on his father's farm, but they are in the process of a generational change, where Mathias will become co-owner of the farm on  July 1st. After a five-year introductory period, Mathias hopes to take over full ownership of the farm.

Farmer for 26 years - Maykers since 2020
Development and growth

Dairy farmer Alex Thomsen is in the process of a turn-around of his farm with 800 dairy cows. The fancy word covers an evolution of the farm where it is moving from just being a production, to being a business. As a professional farm manager, Alex believes that developments in farming over the last 20 years have changed the way farmers work.

Stand stronger with Maykers
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