Meet Rune of Lyngfeldt

26 October 2021

Lyngfeldt A/S has 111 years of experience in providing advice and selling products to the agricultural industry. Since 1910, the experienced company has been present in the local area, developing business as agriculture has evolved. Now the company is evolving digitally and is therefore being at Maykers as a retailer.

Dealers for 111 years - Maykers since 2020
Focus on agriculture

It all started in 1910, when master blacksmith Søren Jensen Sørensen Lyngfeldt established his company Lyngfeldt in Aarhus. Now, 111 years later, the company has moved out of Aarhus and to Hadsten, where it remains a strong machinery business for the agricultural industry.

"Our main focus is agriculture, where 75 percent of our business is. In addition, we also focus on the contractors and Garden & Parks segment. Likewise, we complement with rental of machines and have a strong focus on the service side for our customers," says Rune Fredenslund, head of spare parts at Lyngfeldt A/S.

Online store helps customers
Strategy and vision

Rune Fredenslund has worked at Lyngfeldt A/S since 2009, where he has a strong focus on developing strategy and vision for the parts department in cooperation with the other departments. As he  mentions, he has his fingers firmly planted in many different tasks in several of the company's departments, although the main focus is the warehouse.

"When you've lived in the countryside all your life and drove a lot of tractors as a child, it comes naturally to you. This has happened to me, where I have always had a keen interest in electronics and engineering. When I had to find an apprenticeship, I was apprenticed at Massey Ferguson in Randers," says Rune Fredenslund.

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Specially trained staff and customer service
Specialized skills

"The agricultural industry and its related businesses are hugely specialized, with everyone working in and around the industry incredibly specialized in their craft. It's the same at Lyngfeldt. We take great care to have specially trained staff who are skilled at their work and give the customer that extra service every day," says Rune Fredenslund. 

Having the agricultural industry as a primary customer group also means that Lyngfeldt A/S feels how things are going in agriculture, as fluctuations in agriculture can also be felt at Lyngfeldt. The company is therefore very attentive to its customers to ensure that they will always have the best experience with them as a company.

"There is a lot of potential in Maykers, and for us it's about making it easy for our customers to shop. On the other hand, we don't get rid of experts in the field. The important thing for us is good service in every way we can."

High level of service is important
Large warehouse with 30,000 items

One of Lyngfeldt A/S's visions is to be the best with a complete and comprehensive spare parts stock that is continuously updated to ensure that customers can get immediate and accurate delivery of what they need in their work. 

"It's part of saying that we want to have a high level of service. We know how quickly things have to happen, for example, when you need something for your combine harvester or mower in harvest, it has to be fixed quickly because downtime during the harvest season, among other things, is expensive. That's why we have made it part of our vision to have a large stock for the benefit of the customer. We always have almost 30,000 items in stock," says Rune Fredenslund and concludes: 

New winds in the industry
Online commerce on a par with physical commerce

Since the company was founded in 1910, a lot has happened in the agricultural sector. Among other things, farms have become fewer and bigger, which means the war for customers has become more intense. For example, people no longer trade only with the farmer, but perhaps with a manager or a financial officer. Rune Fredenslund is therefore fully aware that new things are happening and must happen to maintain momentum in the market. 

"When I started in the business, the internet had just come along and not many farmers were using online shopping. There, it was all about physical commerce. It's not like that anymore. Now we see that it has to be faster and easier to access. While we have an online presence at Maykers, we have two men on the road selling products and guiding customers, because we want to keep our skills and resources in-house so we can always give advice and guidance to our customers. As well as having a digital presence, we also need to maintain physical trade and customer relations," says Rune Fredenslund.

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