Meet Jesper Hilligsøe of Kramp
26 October 2021

Everyone knows Kramp. The family-owned company, which has existed for more than 70 years, delivers products to customers throughout Denmark on a daily basis, with a strong focus on retaining the Danish flair and being the customers' preferred partner. In Denmark, Kramp is Danish. And it is precisely local roots and presence that are important to the company, which is active in over 24 European countries.

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Traditions, roots and identity are a big part of the family-owned company Kramp, which merged with the Danish family-owned company Grene Danmark eight years ago. And the Danish way of thinking through Grene is carried on in Kramp's business in Denmark. 

"Working in agriculture is a way of life where you have a passion for your craft. In that respect, Kramp and the agricultural sector are a match."

Traditions, roots and identity

In Denmark, Kramp is Danish. And it is precisely local roots and presence that are important to the company, which is active in over 24 European countries.

"When Kramp merged with Grene Denmark, we gathered over 100 years of experience. Today, a lot of Grene's original way of thinking lives on in Kramp's core values, which we also live by in our daily work," says Jesper Hilligsøe Paulsen.

Kramp was founded by Johan Kramp in 1951, and in 1969 he started a partnership with the Perdok family, who now own the company, to ensure a wider distribution network. At the time, the vision was to be the preferred partner of the agricultural sector - a vision that remains unchanged to this day.

Industry "first-movers"  

Back in the 1950s, Johan Kramp was all about making work easier for customers and more efficient. So Johan Kramp launched a catalogue that made it easier for customers to order goods and have them delivered quickly. 

It was the same thinking that led to the introduction of the well-known red Kramp boxes for customers in 1988. The boxes made packing and delivery more efficient. In 2001, Kramp was the first company in the industry to open a webshop. It also aimed to make everyday life for customers easier, faster and better.

Ease and efficiency have also been embodied in Kramp's slogan - "It's that easy" - which means that shopping with Kramp should be easy.

"Kramp has dared to be first-movers in the industry, and we are proud that we dare to be, even if it doesn't always end up in a profitable investment. Each new initiative brings valuable experience that we can use to optimise the business. And here we can attribute a large part of our development as a company to our customers, because without them, Kramp would not stand as agriculture's preferred partner," says Jesper Hilligsøe Paulsen.

The next "move" has naturally been to become part of Maykers. On the platform, all Kramp products are available, creating greater visibility and a closer connection to agriculture in Denmark.

"Maykers brings all products together on one platform. Being part of Maykers brings us closer to our customer group. Through this we can generate knowledge and accessibility for our brand. I'm sure that's the future," says Jesper Hilligsøe Paulsen.

Core values are part of the identity

The cornerstone of Kramp's DNA is formulated in four core values, which ensure that customers always encounter a professional service in their interaction with Kramp.

The core values are: Commitment, Customer First, Entrepreneurial Culture and Cohesion.   

"Kramp is a 70 year old company with a proud tradition of supplying spare parts to the agricultural industry. The company has evolved since then by increasing its range and availability to customers, but by being a family-owned business our goals and visions are also more long-term. There is more than just money invested in this company - it is experience, values and passion for people," says Jesper Hilligsøe Paulsen.

For Jesper Hilligsøe Paulsen, agriculture is an exciting industry to be part of. The Sales Director does not have a long history in the agricultural industry, but therefore he sees the industry with a curiosity and understanding of the challenges.

"It's an exciting industry to navigate because it's so adaptive, where each farm is so efficient at working to the highest possible yield for the lowest possible cost. Working in agriculture is a lifestyle where you put a passion into your craft and your day. In that respect, Kramp and the agricultural sector are a match. Both are here because what we do matters to someone, and we want to make a difference," says Jesper Hilligsøe Paulsen.

The success of the company lies in passionate employees

The core value of Entrepreneurship is aimed at Kramp's employees, where the company strives for employees to take initiative, be creative, pioneer and lead the way to the future. Especially as a company focused on leading the way in times of prosperity and adversity, it is important to have passionate employees who give 100 percent of themselves for the customers.

"We have talented employees who lead the way for Kramp, and when we introduce new initiatives, it's our employees who face the resistance. We couldn't have a strong company if we didn't have the best people in the world doing their best for our customers. Kramp's success lies in our passionate employees who are driven every day to deliver value to the customer," says Jesper Hilligsøe Paulsen.

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