Keeping cows healthy after calving

Trouw Nutrition
30 August 2021

All the metabolic changes that occur around calving may lead to a serious drop in dry matter intake. So it stands to reason that a good start after calving is essential for keeping cows in good shape and for maintaining the good performance of the herd.

Changes in fluid and electrolyte balance directly before and during calving, cows don’t eat and drink, but they do lose water and electrolytes. This may make them listless, reducing their intake of dry matter.

Rapid increase in calcium demand 

Colostrum and milk contain large quantities of calcium, so the amounts of calcium a cow needs directly after calving increases dramatically. Their bodies try to meet this need by increasing the uptake of calcium from their diet and by releasing calcium from their bones. If they’re not successful in this the cows can develop milk fever. What’s more, even cows that don’t show visible signs of milk fever still have low calcium levels in their blood, which also reduces their dry matter intake.

At the start of lactation, most cows are in what’s known as negative energy balance. They try to compensate for this by using up their body fat. This changes their metabolism, which may result in ketosis later in lactation. So to avoid problems, it’s important for the cows to increase their dry matter intake as soon as possible.

Restore nutrient balance after calving with Farm-O-San Reviva

Farm-O-San Reviva contains all the electrolytes, calcium and energy a cow needs to quickly restore its nutrient balance after calving and to increase its blood calcium levels. Farm-O-San Reviva also stimulates dry matter intake after calving, which helps in maintaining good milk production and body condition.


The changes that occur in the body of the cow around calving put cattle at risk, so increasing the dry matter intake after calving is crucial. Farm-O-San Reviva is designed to restore the nutrient balance. Cows love to get it, farmers love to give it!

Supported by scientific evidence

Several trials have proven that Farm-O-San Reviva provides cows with an excellent start of lactation after calving.

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