How to prevent dehydration in calves rearing

30 August 2021

Neonatal diarrhea leading to dehydration is the main issue in calves rearing for dairy farmers. Therefore, being able to prevent diarrheas is essential. Kersia can offer a solution with Hydrafeed: a re-hydrating effervescent powder for calves! 

Diarrhea is the main cause of mortality in calves after birth and the primary cause of financial loss in calf rearing for dairy farmers. From 10% up to 80% of calves in a herd can be affected by this disease and more than 75% of the herds are affected by diarrheas. Treating sick calves represent 11% of the veterinary costs on average for farms. Part of those calves are also suited to become the renewal of the herd and digestive trouble can impact their production throughout their entire lifetime by reducing their production level and increasing the risks to calves over 30 months.

If diarrheas are commons in calves, it’s a complex threat due to many factors that are impacting the risk of digestive disorders such as the global immunity status of the calf, the environmental conditions, the behavior and status of the cow during gestation. Even with good management of these factors, diarrheas can still easily happen. 

The most popular rehydrating treatments used in farms are the oral rehydration solutions with specific formulas that allow the stabilization of the water and electrolytes balances. Those solutions can also provide an energy supply to reinvigorate the calf and ensure its needs for maintenance and growth. 

For that Kersia can provide its own formula: Hydrafeed which is an effervescent powder to help prevent digestive disorders and help the adjustment of water and electrolytes balance. It’s specifically created to help calves during high-risks periods. It can be used to support the transition between colostrum and milk or in case of mild diarrhea when the firsts symptoms appear. It provides energy quickly digestible with lactose and glycine also allowing to easily get back to milk feeding by keeping the calves enzymatic activity during the product use. It also brings electrolytes such as Sodium and Potassium to recover water balance. This formula is highly palatable for calves thanks to vanilla aroma and due to its unique effervescent power is quick and simple to use (with simple and fast dilution into water and more than 85% of the calves that don't need help to drink).

Would you like to know more or do you have any questions about Hydrafeed? Our Kersia specialist is happy to help you! Please send a chat message here.

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