Connecting local business partners with farmers: Leveraging the online marketplaces.
30 August 2021

Farmers today are digitally equipped and globally connected, allowing them to collect information to guide their decision making. This ranges from data about products to farming practices and pricing. Having this critical information at the ready allows farmers to challenge their local business partner and find new global suppliers to fit their needs. However, making fair comparisons of global and local partners is complicated and can only be done when multiple factors are taken into account.

Local businesses such as feed advisors, machine dealers, agronomists and veterinarians are very reliable, trusted and valuable partners for farmers. These business partners have weekly and daily interactions with farmers. They have a great service due to their immediate response time, a long and strong personal relationship with farmers and in-depth knowledge of the farm. If farmers need help with their livestock or machines, the partner is at the location in no time with knowledge and equipment to solve the problem. 

Combined with the close relationships farmers share with local business partners,  farmers are making a shift to conduct business directly with global or national business partners. Most often, the price farmers see online is the main driver of this shift. The challenge for local partners is to digitize and utilize their key service values and become more relevant for farmers via online marketplaces. Farmers need a full and clear picture to make the best business decisions, both in the short-term and the long-term. is an online marketplace to empower farmers, producers and partners to make farming simpler and more valuable. Maykers makes it easy to sell, find and buy professional products, services and knowledge based on fair prices and clear conditions. We facilitate local partners to make their proposition more visible and relevant for farmers. 

“Maykers provides a new sales channel to increase our presence within the digital platforms. We get access to new customers and strengthen existing relationships. To be part of is for us a necessity as the market progresses.” 

- Rune Fredenslund | Parts manager at Lyngfeldt A/S

Having a digital  presence creates transparency and provides farmers with  information about who, where, what and how you do work for them as a business partner. Not only does an online marketplace provide easily-accessible information and a way to make transactions; it also activates reviews and recommendations about your value as a local business partner. If partners believe they add value and trust their proposition can strengthen the position of the partner as an expert and grow their business within and beyond the local market.

Maykers shares three business opportunities on how local partners can stand out and become the preferred business partner:

1. Making your local services the most important differentiator

Being a local partner enables you to act very quickly. The “fix it now” services are a great advantage compared to what is offered by global partners. Local partners can implement the products they sell directly on location or advise farmers on how they should use them. Farmers can pick up their products the same day or return them if it doesn’t work. Maykers makes it clear what services you sell for the price you ask.

2. Making knowledge accessible

If a local business has specific expertise, this should be visible and accessible to farmers. At, we want to help you share your expertise online so people will find it, understand it and connect with you.These connections can be the start of new business relationships. 

3. Making business around personal conversations

Successful connections are often the result of taking ownership of problems and following-up on conversations. At Maykers, we facilitate online conversations around business topics, problems and products. Personal conversations influence decisions and strengthen the relationship of partners and farmers.

Positive reviews about your specific knowledge, personal engagement and local service will make it very clear why farmers need to do business with local business partners. If you are a farmer and would recommend your local business partner, please ask them to join the Maykers digital platform.

Maykers was launched in the spring. As a Danish farmer, you have the special opportunity to be the among the first to try it now and give us your opinion. Farmers will be rewarded with a cash-back voucher of 250 kr. As a potential business partner, we also welcome you to join. Visit and discover the benefits of joining Maykers as a partner.

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