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In today’s world, the business of farming is complex. Environmental, political and economic challenges come at a high cost. As a farmer, you have to be smart and resilient in order to stay profitable.

Maykers is an online platform that facilitates smart connections between farmers and their partners to make the business of farming successful. We make it simple to sell, find and purchase professional products based on fair prices and clear conditions. We have gathered everything you need in one place, in order to save you time so that you can focus on what is important, optimising your business.

How Maykers make it work

At Maykers, we create collaboration, because collaboration creates fertile ground. As the new online marketplace for farmers, we give you direct access to numerous local and global retailers, so you can focus on what is most important to you; running a successful business.

As a new marketplace in a well-established industry, the creators of have focused on making life easier for farmers. Although the office may have higher ceilings, and the company car may have larger wheels, the modern farmer is first and foremost a businessman. At Maykers, we created an online trading platform focusing on agriculture, where transactions between farmers and dealers can become more transparent and fair.

For farmers and their business partners connects farmers with global and local agricultural suppliers. Our goal is to make it easy for farmers to find, compare and purchase professional agricultural products and services. Every month we add new products and suppliers to save you time and offer you the best deals. By gathering everything in one place, farmers can more easily find, compare and purchase the products that are most important to them. This gives them greater control over their business and more time to run a successful business.

For existing retailers, Maykers offers a place to sell their products and services through our exclusive shop-in-shop service. Register as a retailer on and get your own web-shop, access to thousands of farmers so that you can sell your products easily and effectively.

Do business with a digital handshake, but a handshake nonetheless
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Our vision

In an industry where business deals have often been closed with a firm handshake, a new online marketplace must of course cater to the same needs for security and recognizability. Therefore, has created a new marketplace where farmers can get in direct contact with both their local machine dealer, and their global feed supplier, and thus find the best products and services in one place.

Our ambition is to create a network for farmers and dealers, which connects farmers, producers and partners so that they can more easily optimize their business. We design interactions, share our knowledge with you and create smart solutions that make it easier for you as a farmer and a businessman, to optimize your business.

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Maykers is a fast-growing start-up that brings farmers, traders and producers closer together. We are at the beginning of the international launch of our online trading platform for farmers. A very exciting time and the best moment to jump on board!