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Emounting; Specialized Mounting Solutions Reseller!

Based on our experience of more than 10 years with the sale and own use of RAM MOUNTS solutions, we offer a wide and complete range on this website. From our passion for the product, we are driven to keep including new products and frequently used sets.

Emounting can provide RAM mounts for all conceivable mounts. Do you need a special confirmation that is not in our assembled sets? Mail us with your wishes and we will put together a set for you. Thanks to the cooperation with the largest Dutch importer, we can deliver most parts quickly. There is also regular supply from USA, among others, so that we can deliver the missing parts within a reasonable time.

RAM Mounts is the revolutionary, universal mounting system with which you can mount almost all electronics in any situation.

Better than any other way, RAM offers the possibility to mount many different objects in an easy way. In short, RAM attaches everything to everything. That is why the slogan of this American top product is: RAM, fixes anything, anywhere. RAM is short for "Round-A-Mount" and has been made in the USA since 1992 by National Products Inc in Seattle. RAM Mounts are made of seaworthy powder coated aluminum, stainless steel and hard rubber ball joints.


RAM is lightweight, extremely strong and corrosion resistant. The plastic holders are made of strong composite (fiber-reinforced plastics). RAM is a unique and very flexible mounting system, based on ball joints and clamps that can support amazingly heavy items. The superior system proves itself under the toughest applications with a lot of shocks and vibrations, strongly changing weather conditions, indoors and outdoors.